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2018/2019 Virginia Winter Tournament

November 23, 2019
January 4, 2020
February 15, 2020
February 22, 2020

All events will be held at the Virginia Horse Center in the Bent Tree barn.
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Tournament Info
Entry fees are $10 per class, stalls are 20 each. Riders cannot cross enter between divisions. ENTRIES ARE DUE NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY at 12:00 BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT! LATE ENTRIES WILL BE CHARGED a $5.00 LATE FEE.

Horses - Academy horses must be school horses regularly used in the lesson program. An owner may show his or her own horse in an academy class only if said horse is used in a lesson program.

Equipment - Horses must have an appropriate type saddle, but may use any type of bridle.. Hunt seat or western saddles are permitted. Protective equipment is optional. No braiding or hoof blacking.

Riders - No riding suits. Helmets are required, jods and jod boots recommended, not required. Riders’ age as of December 1 of tournament year will be the age group said rider will compete with throughout all tournaments. Once a rider has cantered, return to walk and trot classes is prohibited. Riders cannot show walk and trot only and walk, trot, and canter at the same show. Rider classification is the responsibility of the instructor. HOLDING A RIDER BACK IN A LOWER CLASS IF THAT RIDER IS READY TO ADVANCE IS DISCOURAGED.

Advanced Classes - Open to all academy riders and show riders. . Figure work may be called for.

Intermediate classes - For academy riders only. Light figure work may be called for.

Beginner - For academy riders only. Instructors may enter the ring with students if necessary.

Showmanship classes - Rider is judged on ability to follow instructions and to show their horse. Diagonals and leads are still important.

When entering riders in Intermediate and Beginner classes, please include an “A” for advanced or a “B” for beginner in case the classes have to be split.

UPHA class - Once a rider wins a UPHA class they are qualified for the championship which will be at the last tournament in February and are not allowed to show in that class again until the last tournament.. The championship class in February will consist of first and second place riders from the other three tournaments.

Classes may be divided when there are 6 or more riders.

Horses are not to be judged. All classes except pleasure are to be judged on the ability of the rider to control and show their horse to their best advantage in addition to correct equitation. Even though classes are not judged on equitation only, correct diagonals and leads are important.

CONTACT - Nancy Troutman 540-598-9083

Class List
Starting time 12:00

1. Flat shod Lesson Pleasure Horses - to be judged on the performance of the horse. Quality of the horse is not a factor.
2. Padded Pleasure Horses to be judged as a show pleasure class
3. Pleasure Ponies- to be judged same as Class 1.
4. Advanced Equitation 15 and over w/t/c
5. Advanced Equitation 11-14 w/t/c
6. Advanced Equitation 10 & under w/t/c
7. Advanced Equitation 12 & under w/t
8. Advanced Showmanship w/t/c
9. UPHA Practice Required workout is trotting a serpentine
10. Intermediate Equitation 15 & over w/t/c
11. Intermediate Equitation 11-14 w/t/c
12. Intermediate Equitation 10 and under w/t/c
13. Intermediate 15 and under w/t
14. Intermediate Showmanship 15 & under w/t
15. Intermediate Showmanship open to all intermediate rider w/t/c
16. Beginning Canter 15 & over Equitation
17. Beginning Canter 11-14 Equitation
18. Beginning Canter 10 & under Equitation
19. Beginning Canter Showmanship
20. Walk & Trot Equitation 18 & over – for riders who have not started cantering
21. Walk & Trot Equitation 11-17
22. Flat shod Pleasure Horses – Walk & Trot lesson horses
23. Padded pleasure horse and pony W/T to be judged as a show pleasure class
24. Flat shod Pleasure Ponies – Walk & Trot lesson ponies
25. Walk & Trot Equitation 9-10
26. Walk & Trot Equitation 7-8
27. Beginning Showmanship – for walk and trot riders only.
28. Walk & Trot Equitation 6 & under – without a lead.
29. Walk & Trot Showmanship 6 and under
30. Walk & Trot Equitation - On a lead
31. Walk only on a lead

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