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ASHAV Youth Scholarship

A Letter from Amanda Ohlson, ASHAV Scholarship Chairman

ASHAV offers a scholarship to one or two individuals, depending upon the number of applicants, for each college or university school year. The completed application and attached transcripts are due to the Scholarship Chairman no later than February 9,2024. Letters of reference are also due by February 9,2024.

Download all four parts of the application from the ASHAV website or feel free to contact the Scholarship Chairman by using the contact information found below.

The individual applying should be 21 years of age and under, at grade 11 or higher, who demonstrates financial need, a commitment to the American Saddlebred industry and academic success.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or the application procedure, please contact us via our Contact Form.

Best of luck to you! We eagerly anticipate learning more about the Virginia/West Virginia youth of the American Saddlebred industry.


Amanda Ohlson
ASHAV Scholarship Chairman

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Scholarship Forms

There are four documents listed below that you may download to complete the application process. While you can view the PDF application and reference letter online through your browser, it will be necessary to download these forms to your desktop and access it from there to properly print all pages.
After printing is complete, fill out the forms and mail them to:

Amanda Ohlson
ASHAV Scholarship Recommendation
17233 Marylee Drive
Abingdon, VA 24210

  1. Read the Scholarship Cover Letter
  2. Scholarship Application
  3. Reference Letter
  4. Checklist to ensure completeness of application

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